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Architects of the Cincinnati Art Museum part 1: James W. McLaughlin

  Image Credit: Burnet Woods Music Hall James McLaughlin group picture St. Francis Seraph Church John Uri Lloyd House Monkey House All other images provided by the Mary R. Schiff Library and Archives

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2015-08-27- Alex

This week in textiles conservation, Alex Phillips, a summer intern sponsored by the Sowell Foundation, helped our textile conservator care for and repack shoes in our collection.  The sandals in the upper left corner, which are worn with a knob…


If you’ve stepped foot inside the Cincinnati Art Museum then you’ve seen my handiwork. There are only a few walls in the building that I haven’t personally painted. Hi, my name is Joshua Rectenwald and I’m the on-staff exhibition painter.…

This week in our objects conservator is working on testing display materials via Oddy Tests. Conservators have to make sure that any materials used in displaying objects, such as the case work, fabrics, paints, adhesives, labels and mounts, won’t react…