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Architects of the Cincinnati Art Museum part 1: James W. McLaughlin

  Image Credit: Burnet Woods Music Hall James McLaughlin group picture St. Francis Seraph Church John Uri Lloyd House Monkey House All other images provided by the Mary R. Schiff Library and Archives

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Hi there. Let me introduce myself: I am Adam MacPharlain and I am the Curatorial Assistant of Fashion Arts and Textiles here at the Cincinnati Art Museum. My job has me all over the museum, so don’t be surprised if…


Nine small prints by the American artist Howard Warsaw are undergoing treatment in the Paper Conservation Lab.  Printed around 1950, 9 Hands depicts two hands in nine variations on different papers.  The prints were mounted with rubber cement to paper…


This summer I’m working as an intern in the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Development Department. Within the scope of my responsibilities, I’ve conducted prospect research, contributed text to the museum’s website, and sorted files, as well as completed the classic intern…