Vintage Valentine Cards

by Geoff Edwards


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Who is Kōsaka Gajin?

by Curatorial


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Dressed to Kill: Sword Preparation and Installation

by Design and Installation


Dressed to Kill , Arms and Armor , Samurai Sword , Cincinnati Art Museum

(Video) Watch as one of the Dressed to Kill swords is prepared and installed.

Mildred in Finland

by Molly Donnermeyer


MildredFischer , CAM , handcraft , Mary R. Schiff Library and Archives , Finland

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Behind the Scenes in Conservation: A Wet Dog!

by Conservation


behind the scenes , conservation , CAM

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A Peek into Museum Storage

by Emily Bauman


curatorial , behind the scenes , collection storage , photograph , CAM

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Holiday Cards by Mildred Fischer

by Molly Donnermeyer


MildredFischer , Holidays , HolidayCard , CAM , Cincinnati , Mary R. Schiff Library and Archives

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2016 Presidential Election

by Molly Donnermeyer


2016 , Election , President , Cincinnati , Ohio , White House , CAM , Mary R. Schiff Library and Archives

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Curatorial Research Trip to China

by Hou-mei Sung


terracotta army , terracotta , china , xian , research , curatorial , emporer , archaeology

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