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Cincinnati Art Museum presents Art Palace, a podcast where we meet cool people and then talk about art. With different guests from all walks of life, we show how everyone can have conversations about art and culture. New episodes are posted approximately every two weeks.

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Episode 30: Maxim Alter from WCPO’s Hear Cincinnati

Meet Maxim Alter, Host of Hear Cincinnati from WCPO, and enjoy our conversation about Fountain Square Pantomime by Joseph Henry Sharpe.

Episode 29: Ghost Stories

Discover what it’s like to work in one of the country’s most haunted museums when our staff shares their personal, spooky ghost stories. Featuring stories from Mary Casey Sturk, Rick Young, Jordan Rolfes, Melissa Jessup, and Suzanne Tromblay. Hosted by Russell Ihrig.

Episode 28: H.P. Lovecraft and Ana England with the Mercantile Library

Cedric Rose from the Mercantile Library stops by to discuss the short story, From Beyond, by H.P. Lovecraft in relationship to our special exhibition, Ana England: Kinship.


Episode 27: Conversation with Anila Quayyum Agha

This episode is a live recording from September 21st of Anila’s conversation on stage with Ainsley M. Cameron, Curator of South Asian Art, Islamic Art and Antiquities. Anila discusses how she came to create her monumental light sculptures and how they relate to her identity as a woman born in Pakistan.

Bonus Episode: Outtakes

To celebrate International Podcast Day on September 30, we are sharing some outtakes from the past year in this special bonus episode. Hear more from our conversations with Julie Sunderland of Cincinnati Ballet, Zohreh Zand, one of our docents, and artist Matt Coors from Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Episode 26: Andrea Schepmann from Cincinnati Parks Krohn Conservatory 

Andrea Schepmann drops by to talk about the Cincinnati Parks Krohn Conservatory’s Fall Floral Show, Grass Roots: Art of Nature., and we also take a walk through the special feature , In Bloom: Floral Prints from the Permanent Collection.

Episode 25: Artist Matt Coors from the Art Academy of Cincinnati

It’s "back to school" time, so we are talking teaching and more with artist Matt Coors, Exhibitions Coordinator and Adjunct Professor at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Episode 24: New Curator Ainsley M. Cameron

Meet Ainsley M. Cameron, our new Curator of South Asian Art, Islamic Art and Antiquities and also join us for a discussion of Anila Quayyum Agha: All the Flowers Are for Me.

Episode 23: A Shared Legacy: Folk Art in America with Zohreh Zand

Join us for a tour of the special exhibition, A Shared Legacy: Folk Art in America with one of our docents, Zohreh Zand. You can use this episode as an audio tour and listen along in the exhibition.

Episode 22: Clue with Sara Birkofer and Kristen Vincenty

Russell is joined by Sara Birkofer (Coordinator of Interpretive Programming) and Kristen Vincenty (Assistant to the Director) to discuss Clue: The Movie and the board game. 

Episode 21: New Curator Spotlight: Peter Jonathan Bell

Meet Peter Jonathan Bell, our new Associate Curator of European Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings as we discuss what it means to be a curator and the age-old battle of paintings versus sculpture.

Episode 20: Frida Kahlo with Catalina Cuervo and Cincinnati Opera

We’re chatting about Frida Kahlo with soprano Catalina Cuervo, who is singing the title role in Cincinnati Opera’s production of Frida which opens on June 23.

Episode 19: Back to the Future with Danielle Linn

Danielle Linn, Content Editor for Everything But the House, joins Russell for a tour based on the Back to the Future trilogy. This episode is in conjunction with Mount Adams Cinema in the City who will be showing Back to the Future Part II on June 22, at Seasongood Pavillion in Eden Park.

Episode 18: The Art of Collecting with Wes Cowan, Theodore Gantz and Tod Swormstedt 

In this episode, we talk about the art of collecting art with Wes Cowan (Cowan’s Auctions), Theodore Gantz (Sycamore Street Studio), and Tod Swormstedt (American Sign Museum). 

Episode 17: Music Hall with Ramona Toussaint 

In this episode, we talk about the history of Cincinnati Music Hall and related art works with Ramona Toussaint, Tour and Education Outreach Program Director, Society for the Preservation of Music Hall.

Episode 16: Travis McElroy

In this episode, we talk podcasts and art-carved furniture with Travis McElroy, one of the hosts of My Brother, My Brother and Me, The Adventure Zone, Shmanners and much more.

Episode 15: Reds Opening Day

Russell interviews members of the art museum staff onsite at the Reds Opening Day Parade. Other talking points include: Folk Yeah!, baby announcements, Lil Marge Schott, Fritos, fake rubber butts, red wellies. Hosted by Russell Ihrig.

Episode 14: Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s Jeremy Dublin

In this episode, we learn about the exciting new changes coming to the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company and also take a look at Ophelia and Laertes by Benjamin West. 

Episode 13: Food and Art with Head Chef Sean White

In this episode, we get to know our new head chef Sean White and also take a look at the Toy Kitchen in our folk art gallery. Other talking points include: Reality cooking shows, the Grand High Lunch Council, Lunchables pizza, the human garbage disposal, churning butter.

Episode 12: Oscar Picks with TT Stern-Enzi

It’s Oscar season, so we’re talking movies with film-critic TT Stern-Enzi. We even brainstorm a film version of one of our most famous renaissance paintings.

 Episode 11: Valentine’s Day Special with Jill Tom Dunne

In this episode we celebrate Valentine’s Day with a museum love story from Jill and Tom Dunne before taking a trip to the galleries to look at some romantic paintings. 

Episode 10: The Artists of Employed: A Staff Art Exhibition

In this special live recording, we discuss how working at a museum affects the work you make with five of the artists from Employed: A Staff Art Exhibition- Erin Geideman, P.J. Grimm, Samantha Hayes, Larry Malott, and Denise Welbrock. 

Episode 9: Learning Dothraki with Zan McQuade

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, then learn how you can brush up on your Dothraki with our special guest, Zan McQuade, editor at Living Language. 

Episode 8: Carolyn Clifford from Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

In this episode we meet Carolyn Clifford from Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park to discuss how they bring theater to the community in unexpected ways. 

Episode 7: Colleen Houston of ArtWorks

In this episode we meet Colleen Houston from ArtWorks to discuss their history of collaborative, public art projects. We also look at Miró’s Mural for the Terrace Plaza Hotel, 1947.

Episode 6: Daniel Martin Moore and Guy Mendes - In Conversation

In this special episode, we listen to the live on-stage conversation with recording artist Daniel Martin Moore, photographer Guy Mendes, and Curatorial Assistant of Photography, Emily Bauman that took place on November 17, 2016. 

Episode 5: Van Gogh: Into the Undergrowth Tour 

Take a tour of Van Gogh: Into the undergrowth with art museum docent Stephen Gladfelter and Andrew Palamara, Assistant Director of Docent Learning.

Episode 4: Julie Sunderland of Cincinnati Ballet

In this episode we meet Julie Sunderland of Cincinnati Ballet to discuss her passion for dance and also the museum’s two bronze sculptures by Edgar Degas. 

Episode 3: Jay Bolotin - In Conversation 

In this special episode, we listen to the live on-stage conversation between artist Jay Bolotin and Curator of Prints, Kristin Spangenberg that happened on September 22, 2016.

Episode 2: Ghost Tour 

Just in time for Halloween, Russell is joined by Kaitlyn Sharo and Kristen VIncenty for a spooky ghost tour of the CIncinnati Art Museum. Meet the many spirits who haunt the museum. 

Episode 1: Dean Regas of Cincinnati Observatory

In our very first episode of Art Palace we meet Dean Regas of Cincinnati Observatory to discuss his new book, Facts from Space and also discuss Ana England’s artwork, Night Sky Spiral II.