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Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Packed and Ready to Go

by Conservation


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More Asian paintings have moved through the paper lab on their way to be conserved by a scroll mounting specialist.  Some will be mounted as hanging scrolls for the first time, while others need new mounts because the existing mounts are in poor condition. 

The paintings are currently in different formats, so each needed to be packed differently.  The large flat package holds a scroll that was trimmed and adhered to a cardboard backing for display in a frame—a common practice in the mid-20th century. 

The painting of the two roosters and several others are small and flat and could be placed together in a folder, but one rolled scroll is packed in a separate box and nestled in a cavity cut in the foam padding. 


Check back next year (yes, the conservation work is a slow process) to see the paintings in their new hanging mounts.

Wu Zhongxiong 吳仲熊 (Chinese, 1899, 1989), Two Roosters, 1952, ink and color on paper, C.Y. Woo Collection, donated by T.H. Wu