A special feature is a temporary presentation of artworks from the museum’s permanent collection or a select arrangement of artworks lent from other institutions, organized by the Cincinnati Art Museum.

A special feature is similar to a special exhibition but is generally smaller and more focused in scope. Some museums call these “focused exhibitions” or “rotations.”


Current Special Features

Women in Contemporary Art, Craft and Design

Now–May 2021 | Gallery 222

Experience the creative and technical breakthroughs of leading contemporary female artist and hear their stories in this new installation of works from our permanent collection.

Women of Gee's Bend, Alabama

Now-February 23, 2020 | Gallery 150

Mary Lee Bendolph, Loretta Pettway, Louisiana Bendolph and Loretta Bennett are quilters from Gee’s Bend, a small, rural African American community, surround on three sides by the Alabama River. 

Strong Women: Queens, Goddesses and Amazons

Now–December 15, 2019 | Gallery 213

This selection drawn from the permanent collection is about woman and some of the guises good and bad in which she was represented by male artists’ vision of their power through the early nineteenth century.

Mighty Women in Miniature

Now–November 29, 2020 | Gallery 213

In the past centuries, when few women found success as professional artists, a surprising number of them had productive careers as miniature painters.


Now–TBD | Exterior Installation

On view now is a large-scale, animated neon installation on the west wall of the French Wing at the Cincinnati Art Museum.


Fired Up: Female Ceramists of Contemporary Japan

(Coming Soon) December 7, 2019–December 2020 | Gallery 136

Explore 20th and 21st century Japanese female artists who defied prejudice to create internationally celebrated and innovative ceramics. 

Mary Cassatt, Elizabeth Nourse and Their Contemporaries

(Coming Soon) December 17, 2019–April 7, 2020 | Gallery 213

Selections from the permanent collection tell the stories of talented women at home and abroad at the close of the nineteenth century.