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Bringing the Museum to You

The Speakers Bureau is our “museum on wheels” for adults. Specially trained volunteer docents come to you and deliver rich presentations on many of the most popular areas of the Art Museum’s collections. These presentations are complete with colorful slides of artworks and additional information and anecdotes about each work. These engaging presentations are participatory, allowing the audience to ask questions and make their own observations.

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The Speakers Bureau is $75 per program.



Signing up for a Speakers Bureau program is easy. Just choose from one of the topics below, submit a request, and we’ll do the rest. Please submit your request one month in advance.

Speakers Bureau presentations are perfect for a variety of adult and family audiences. Book clubs, libraries, churches, retirement homes and many others enjoy our fascinating topics from one of Cincinnati’s greatest cultural resources. 

Speakers Bureau Topics

A presentation featuring the diversity of the Cincinnati Art Museum's collection, concentrating on masterpieces in painting, sculpture and other media from the ancient world to Impressionism.

A presentation featuring the diversity of the Cincinnati Art Museum's collection, concentrating on masterpieces in painting, sculpture and other media from Impressionism to the present day.

The imagery and meanings of African American art make up a vivid and important part of the history of American art. This presentation looks at paintings, sculpture, prints, and photographs all created by African American artists.

Celebrate Cincinnati’s rich cultural heritage with this presentation of art from Cincinnati, including works by artists such as John Henry Twachtman, Frank Duveneck, Edward Potthast, Robert Duncanson, Rookwood potters, and more!

Celebrate the artistic legacy of our country by taking a tour of paintings, sculpture, and decorative arts from a wide variety of accomplished American artists! Many of works often reflect American history and values, while others create a vision for the future.

Examine these exceptional works created by artists in their later years and thoughtful portrayals of older adults in art over the centuries.

Explore Christian subjects from our Medieval and Renaissance collections, as well as later renderings of Christian themes in works from around the world.

Encounter the best in women’s fashion from the late 19th and early 20th century, and learn about the Cincinnati women designers who made it happen.

Discover examples of American fashions from the Cincinnati Art Museum’s costume collection and styles of attire from other countries as found in paintings, sculpture and tapestries.

Explore how the floral motif has been depicted in art through the ages and from cultures around the globe. Discover the hidden symbols of flowers in art from the Western World, the Middle East, and Asia.

Learn about art from various cultures and time periods that examines how polytheistic religions are reflected and expressed in these works.

For centuries, artists have found great inspiration in the landscape. Discover the variety of ways in which the landscape has been portrayed in art through a wide selection of examples from the Art Museum’s collection. You’ll never see a panoramic vista the same!

Explore how these artists challenge the material expectations of glass, wood and ceramics to create contemporary works of art, and discover insights into the collectors’ perspective and impetus for assembling this important collection.

Explore the ancient civilization of the Nabataeans and their rock-carved city, Petra. The Cincinnati Art Museum is home to one of the largest collections of Nabataean artwork, all of which helps to reconstruct the history of this fascinating people.