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Bee Inspired. Bee Vibrant. Bee Connected.

Thank you for supporting our sustainability efforts at CAM. In partnership with the Queen City Pollinator Project, the Cincinnati Art Museum is now home to two beehives and a pollinator garden.

A $5 donation allows you to name one of our honeybees! With a gift of $15 or more one of your Bees could become our Bee of the Month. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to see your Bee!

When you give, you are not only supporting our museum, but you are also supporting our surrounding grounds which helps preserve and enhance our environment for pollinators and humans alike.

Adopt a Bee for only $5Read the Press Release


More About Our Bees

Where are the hives located? The hives sit amidst a pollinator garden, a foot off the ground in a mulch bed near the Longworth administrative wing on the west side of the building. Additional hives may be added in the future.

How far can the bees travel? These “friendly” bees which rarely sting can travel up to three miles from their hive, so the museum’s bees may be seen all over the city.

What will happen with the honey produced by the bees? In future years, sweet success with the program might mean the museum bees produce honey to use and sell. This could mean future Terrace Café recipes highlighting honey and some jars to purchase in the Museum Shop.


The Women’s Committee of the Cincinnati Art Museum is the hive sponsor

The Women’s Committee supports the Cincinnati Art Museum by offering informative programs for members, promoting participation in Museum activities, and raising funds. Since its inception in 1973, the Women’s Committee has financially assisted with art purchases, special exhibitions and other Museum needs. Learn more about the Women’s Committee.


The program is supported by the Green Team at the Cincinnati Art Museum

The Green Team was founded in early 2019 by an interdepartmental team of museum staff dedicated to creating sustainable practices within the Cincinnati Art Museum. As a starting point, the team took steps to create a culture of sustainability among the staff at the museum. Learn more on our blog post.


In partnership with Queen City Pollinator Project (QCPP)

QCPP challenges businesses in Greater Cincinnati to become community leaders in environmental sustainability and challenges every citizen to take action to protect and support pollinators in their own yards. Learn more at