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Behind the Scenes with the 10x10 Team: Getting Ready

by Adelie Wartman, Programs Intern for Learning & Interpretation


10x10 Teen Art Expo , teens , volunteers , behind the scenes , Fashion Arts & Textiles

Hello, my name is Adelie Wartman, and I am an intern at the Cincinnati Art Museum. In my internship, I contribute to the 10x10 Teen Volunteer Team, serving as both a member and leader. The Team helps organize the annual 10x10 Teen Art Expo—this year scheduled for March 25–31, 2024—determine the exhibition’s theme, and organize the opening party.

The main goal of the 10x10 Teen Art Expo is to highlight 7–12 graders’ artwork—all created in a 10-inch-by-10-inch format—interpreting a theme the 10x10 Teen Volunteer Team chooses. In every meeting, we collaborate and get to know other teens that are interested in the arts. It is both fulfilling and inspiring to see the creations we contribute come to life during the event.

Throughout the experience there are many opportunities that present themselves. At the December 10x10 Teen Volunteer meeting, members collaborated to prepare the Expo’s theme, “Behind the Scenes.” We talked about how to showcase and market the Expo throughout the meeting.

As part of the 10x10 Teen Volunteer Team, we had the privilege to visit the Fashion and Textiles Department and meet with Megan Nauer, Curatorial Assistant in Fashion Arts and Textiles. We learned more about the museum and looked at the clothing and accessories that the curators collect. Throughout the year, the team will engage and talk to people who work at the museum, delving into different jobs related to the arts.