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CAM Weddings: Audrey Moore and Zach Evans

by Katie Mitchell, Special Events Coordinator


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Time has no meaning when it comes to love. Audrey Moore and Zach Evans were married on August 14th, 2021. Their day was one that you could feel the love not only between the couple, but everyone who was present. Audrey and Zach have been together since they were teenagers, and their love story extends over 15 years even before tying the knot. They were engaged in 2019 and like many others had to reschedule their original date; four times to be exact. Here is what Audrey had to say about their wedding, “The art museum was such a perfect venue, everything was amazing! We always visited the museum and Zach would do a lot of art studies there when we were in college, and we would spend hours there! We just love it.” The couple’s personalities shined through in many details, one of which being their guest book was an electric guitar all their guests autographed.  Zach and Audrey are one of the couples I will always cherish as they showed understanding, appreciation, and kindness to everyone they worked with.  


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Featured artwork: Alexander the Great and the Fates, Bernardino Mei (Italian, b.1612, d.1676), painter, circa 1667, oil on canvas, The Edwin and Virginia Irwin Memorial, 1988.167