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Cats From the Stacks

by Molly Donnermeyer


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illustrated pages from Alice’s Adventures in wonderland and Puss in Boots


This summer the Cincinnati Art Museum will be filled with cats of all shapes and sizes. The Mary R Schiff Library and Archives are no exception.  On view now through the end of June are examples of feline illustrations in books ranging from the classic to the contemporary, all from the CAM Library’s collection. Visit the Library and see various examples from the mysterious Cheshire Cat as imagined by John Tenniel for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, to Andy Warhol’s playfully delicate pop drawings in Holy Cats and 25 Cats Named Sam & One Blue Pussy.


various illustrated pages featuring cats


The style and artists of the illustrations included vary greatly, but the subject matter remains the same, the enigmatic, strange, and often beautiful cat. Don’t miss more cats on display in the newly opened exhibition Divine Felines: Cats of Ancient Egypt and Modern Cat, featuring works by Joan Miró and Charley and Edie Harper among others