Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Eagle Wrestling with Serpent

by Conservation


behind the scenes , Eagly Wrestling with Serpent , Nabataean Shrine

Objects conservation is finishing the treatment of the Nabataean limestone sculpture Eagle Wrestling with Serpent, which dates from 50-150 CE. This photo shows the eagle’s head being attached to the body. The edges where the head and body attach are extremely weathered and only a small area of contact was found between them. To secure the head a bulked adhesive was used to fill in the area of loss around the neck, this provided a larger area of contact and support for the head to rest on.

A padded clamp was used to hold the head at a secure level to prevent sloping or movement while the adhesive set in the join. Once set, the bulked adhesive was toned to match the surrounding stone. With its head now on straight, the eagle and serpent are ready for display.