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In celebration of the final weekend of this exhibition, Kara Walker: Cut to the Quick will be on view for free through January 16.
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Research for upcoming exhibition 'Galloping through Dynasties'

by Hou-mei Sung, Ph.D. 宋后楣


behind the scenes , Galloping through Dynasties , Curatorial Blog , research , Center for Chinese Studies

In late 2019, I received a research grant from the Center for Chinese Studies in Taipei to conduct research on the catalogue of our upcoming exhibition Galloping through Dynasties. This grant is designed to give scholars living abroad a chance to use CCS resources to further their studies on Chinese subjects. For over a month, I used the CCS library facilities, the library at National Taiwan University (my alma mater), and the National Palace Museum, Taipei (where I used to work) and was able to make great progress on my research projects. I also enjoyed meeting many colleagues and scholars of related fields.

During my stay, I gave two lectures on topics related to my research on Chinese animal painting, one open to the public at the Center for Chinese Studies and the other at the Art History Department of the National Taiwan University (see the two posters above). Both were well received.