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Virtual Tours with the Cincinnati Art Museum

by Cincinnati Art Museum Digital Team


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The new Google Arts & Culture virtual tour brings the Cincinnati Art Museum to you—wherever you are.

While there may be no substitute for an in-person visit  to the Cincinnati Art Museum, right now we want to make it easier than ever to engage with art in many ways. .

Over the last year, we worked with Google Arts & Culture to bring an updated virtual tour for CAM fans from around the world. Using technology similar to Google Maps, Google Arts & Culture has created an immersive experience that places you inside our museum, in every permanent collection gallery. You can virtually browse the Great Hall, explore the Dutch Gallery, and reminisce in the Cincinnati Wing. Bounce from the first floor to the second in only a few clicks.

 Google first created a tour of the museum in 2013, but the Learning & Interpretation division wanted to ensure to update exhibitions, galleries.

Over the course of three days in February 2020, one person with a DSLR camera, tripod, and the ability to shoot 360-degree images covered many of the spaces in the museum. David Jaranilla, the photographer, informed us that his job was to drive across the country photographing various museums, buildings and any location Google asks him to.

Step by step, gallery by gallery, Jaranilla began his own journey through the Cincinnati Art Museum. First, beginning with the front lobby. Next, he would move into the Schmidlapp Gallery, then the Great Hall. With each shot, he was able to capture stunning panoramic images of the museum’s permanent collection in vibrant, fine detail.

Soon after the photoshoot the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the progress of deploying this new virtual tour online, but Google Arts & Culture and the Cincinnati Art Museum remained hard at work. As 2020 continued, new online processes were developed, additional resources became available, and the museum’s virtual tour began to come to life.

Our partnership with Google Arts & Culture is growing and we’re excited to see what other virtual experiences we will be able to offer as we continue to navigate this ever-increasingly digital world.

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