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Staff Picks: Summer Gollar's CAM Favorites

by Summer Gollar


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Google’s Cultural Institute is an online tool that has allowed the museum to share its vast collection through online exhibitions. Objects, information, and ideas that were once only shared on-site can now be accessed anywhere from your computer or mobile devices. These digital resources not only improve visitor access to education, research, and collection materials, it also provides another method for connecting communities of people outside of the museum’s walls. Online exhibitions can also assist in making our collection more relevant to our everyday visitors.

Every visitor has certain pieces that become their favorite. The same is true of the staff employed by the museum. For this blog series, we have asked members of our staff to compile five of their favorite pieces and why these have become their favorites. From in-depth analyses to playful interpretations, this blog series highlights the diverse personalities that make up the art museum’s staff. This first Staff Picks post features artworks selected by Summer Gollar, Administrative Assistant to Exhibitions.