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Summer means Pool Party!

by Molly Donnermeyer


swimming pools , Mary R. Schiff Library and Archives , Cincinnati Summer , fashionable swimwear , Water Ballet/Family Collision , Vogue

various pages from Vogue magazine


It’s hot out there!  The dog days of summer are passing by rapidly here in our muggy Ohio River Valley. How do you manage to stay cool in such tropical times? A POOL PARTY!


Whether indoors or outdoors, pools have played a big part in entertaining and keeping us cool. Additionally, swimming pools can evoke many ideas and associations including, a leisurely oasis or escape, wealth, fun, or even Busby Berkley style synchronized Hollywood numbers. According to various interpretations when one dreams of a swimming pool it can mean having a deep connection to one’s unconscious.   


A trip to the pool of course requires fashionable swimwear. Come in from the heat to view a selection of swimming pool-themed items from our library collection. On view through the end of August you can see can some splash-worthy works such as an artist book, Water Ballet/Family Collision, by Laurie Simmons. Known mainly for his paintings, Ed Ruscha, captured the spirit of the LA landscape in his 1968 book, Nine swimming pools and a broken glass.  Also, on view are some beach-worthy examples of bathing suit fashions of the past from a selection of vintage Vogue magazines. Along with these we have materials featuring the history and evolution of swimwear.