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National Volunteer Week Spotlight: Marilyn Collins

by Marilyn Collins


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Welcome.  Assist.  Delight. Exceed Expectations.  These are the words on the back of my Visitor Service Aide’s badge that I wear when volunteering at the Cincinnati Art Museum.  As a volunteer, I have the opportunity to inspire people and connect our communities through the power of art.  I am also enriched and rewarded by the experience.

Visitor Service Aides work at the front desk, conduct surveys, take tickets, attend monthly trainings, and are given opportunities to visit places where art is collected or made.  Best of all, we interact with visitors and enhance their time at the museum.

I love walking into the museum and seeing my friends–the curators, the staff, the security guards. These people make CAM such a special place to be.  I love going behind the scenes, touring galleries and special exhibitions with the experts, hearing what conservators do, and learning about activities available to visitors of all ages and abilities.  I love being part of a diverse and enthusiastic group of volunteers who share an interest in art.

Discover how the Art Museum can exceed YOUR expectations by visiting, or even joining me as a Visitor Service Aide.

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