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One Family of Printmakers: Three Generations of Unique Styles

12/6/2022 12:00:00 AM

Explore Japanese Printmaking through the Yoshida Family Legacy: Dec. 13, 2022–April 6, 2023

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CINCINNATI — December 6, 2022 — The Cincinnati Art Museum presents Three Generations of Japanese Printmakers: The Yoshida Family Legacy, on view from Dec.13, 2022–April 6, 2023. Visitors will experience a fascinating perspective on the evolution of Japanese printmaking from shin-hanga (new prints) to sosaku hanga (creative prints).  

“Selected from the permanent collection, this presentation follows three generations of the Yoshida family over the last century and the creative dynamics between artists who married,” shares Cincinnati Art Museum Curator of Prints Kristin L. Spangenberg. “Each artist took the woodcut strongly associated with Japanese culture and naturalistic subjects and individually explored the creative potential of the medium through carving and printing while fusing traditional and Western styles of modernity achieving unique artistic visions.”

Three Generations of Japanese Printmakers: The Yoshida Family Legacy will be on view in Gallery 213 (G213) on the museum’s second floor. No tickets needed; general admission to the museum is free. Photography is permitted, but no flash. On social media, please share content using #YoshidaFamilyLegacy.



The Yoshida family’s printmaking legacy stretches over three generations. It began in the mid-19th century with Yoshida Kasaburō (1861–1894) who taught Western-style painting. Kasaburō’s artistic legacy continued with his daughter, Yoshida Fujio (1887–1987), who married fellow artist Yoshida Hiroshi (1876–1950), Kasaburō’s adopted son. This first generation of printmakers starting with Fujio and Hiroshi passed along their artistic practice to a second generation, their oldest son, Yoshida Tōshi (1911–1955) and his wife, Yoshida Kiso (1919–2005). Yoshida Hodaka (1926–1995), Fujio’s and Hiroshi’s second son, married an artist, named Yoshida Chizuko (1924–2017) and they continued to practice printmaking. Their daughter, Yoshida Ayomi (b.1958), represents the family’s third generation of printmakers and completes this multi-generational line of artists.


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