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Art Academy of Cincinnati at 150: A Celebration in Drawings and Prints

February 1–April 28, 2019 | Free Admission


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The Art Museum celebrates 150 years of creativity with this exhibition of works on paper by alumni and faculty of the Art Academy of Cincinnati (AAC). Selected from the museum’s collection, more than 90 masterful drawings and prints reflect the intrinsic connections between the museum and this esteemed art school.

Spanning the academy’s early years in the 19th century as the McMicken School of Design to the present day, the exhibition presents an array of subjects and approaches to art-making. Academic figure studies feature prominently, amid examples of still life, portraiture, landscape and abstraction. Frank Duveneck, Elizabeth Nourse, Charley Harper and Tom Wesselmann are just a few of the widely recognized artists associated with the academy. The museum’s ongoing commitment to collecting the work of living Cincinnati artists is reflected in examples by Constance McClure, John Ruthven, Petah Coyne, Mark Fox and others.

Once unified under a single administration, and for many years right next door, the museum and academy have intertwined histories. Throughout the years, the museum’s collections have provided inspiration and stimulated dialogue for the academy’s students and instructors. Visit the permanent collection galleries to see paintings, sculpture and decorative arts by artists educated or employed in the academy’s vital classrooms.


Myer Abel (American, b.1904, d.1946), printmaker

Josef Albers (American, b.1888, d.1976), printmaker

Paul Ashbrook (American, b.1867, d.1949), printmaker

Tom Bacher (American, b.1951), printmaker

Jimmy Baker (American, b.1980), printmaker

Herbert P. Barnett (American, b.1910, d.1972), draftsperson

Clement J. Barnhorn (American, b.1857, d.1935), draftsperson

Anthony Batchelor (English, b.1944), printmaker

Emma Bepler (American, b.1864, d.1947), carver

Robert Frederick Blum (American, b.1857, d.1903), draftsperson

Valentine Bonhajo (American, b.1855, d.1934), artist

Alfred Laurens Brennan (American, b.1853, d.1921), printmaker

Paul Chidlaw (American, b.1900, d.1989), painter

Stephanie Cooper (American, b.1951), printmaker

Kenyon Cox (American, b.1856, d.1919), draftsperson

Petah E. Coyne (American, b.1953), artist

Paul Craft (American, b.1904, d.1981), draftsperson

Ralston Crawford (American, b.1906, d.1978), printmaker

Jim Dine (American, b.1935), draftsperson

Frank Duveneck (American, b.1848, d.1919), draftsperson

Beverly Erschell (American, b.1934), draftsperson

Benjamin Faris (American, b.1862-1863, d.1935), draftsperson

Anita Fenton (American, b.1902, d.1970), printmaker

Davira Fisher (American, b.1918, d.1986), artist

Kim Flora (American, b.1982), printmaker

April Foster (American, b.1947), printmaker

Mark Fox (American, b.1963), printmaker

Gary Gaffney (American, b.1944), draftsperson

Stewart Goldman (American, b.1936), artist

Daniel Greene (American, b.1934), draftsperson

Edie Harper (American, b.1922, d.2010), printmaker

Charley Harper (American, b.1922, d.2007), draftsperson

Arthur Helwig (American, b.1899, d.1976), printmaker

William E. Hentschel (American, b.1892, d.1962), draftsperson

Claude Raguet Hirst (American, b.1855, d.1942), watercolorist

Edna Boies Hopkins (American, b.1872, d.1937), printmaker

Edward Timothy Hurley (American, b.1869, d.1950), printmaker

Charles S. Kaelin (American, b.1858, d.1929), draftsperson

Kim Krause (American, b.1951), draftsperson

Charles Locke (American, b.1899, d.1983), draftsperson

Caroline A. Lord (American, b.1860, d.1927), draftsperson

Anthony Luensman (American, b.1966), printmaker

Lewis Cass Lutz (American, b.1855, d.1893), draftsperson

William Purcell McDonald (American, b.1863, d.1931), draftsperson

Constance McClure (American, b.1934), artist

James W. McLaughlin (American, b.1834, d.1923), artist

Mary Louise McLaughlin (American, b.1847, d.1939), draftsperson

Sadie Markland (American, d.1899), draftsperson

Ethel Mars (American, b.1876, d.1959), watercolorist

Coletta Martin (American, b.1923, d.2013), draftsperson

Noel Martin (American, b.1922, d.2009), printmaker

Lewis Henry Meakin (American, b.1850, d.1917), draftsperson

Jack Meanwell (American, b.1919, d.2005), draftsperson

Emma Mendenhall (American, b.1873, d.1964), draftsperson

Leo Mielziner (American, b.1870, d.1935), draftsperson

Benjamin Miller (American, b.1877, d.1964), draftsperson

Kate Reno Miller (American, b.1870, d.1929), draftsperson

Frank Harmon Myers (American, b.1899, d.1956), draftsperson

Thomas Satterwhite Noble (American, b.1835, d.1907), draftsperson

Elizabeth Nourse (American, b.1859, d.1938), draftsperson

Ruthe G. Pearlman (American, b.1913, d.2007), painter

Benn Pitman (American, b.1822, d.1910), draftsperson

Edward H. Potthast (American, b.1857, d.1927), draftsperson

Louis Ritter (American, b.1854, d.1892), draftsperson

John Ruthven (American, b.1924), draftsperson

Joseph Henry Sharp (American, b.1859, d.1953), draftsperson

Thom E. Shaw (American, b.1947, d.2010), draftsperson

Joseph Scheuerle (American, b. 1873, d. 1948), artist

Harry Shokler (American, b.1896, d.1978), printmaker

Donald P. Sowell (American, b.1930, d.1989), watercolorist

Maud Hunt Squire (American, b.1873, d.1954), artist

Julian Stanczak (American, b. 1928, d. 2017), printmaker

Albert Sway (American, b.1913), printmaker

Maybelle Stamper (American, b.1907, d.1995), printmaker

John Henry Twachtman (American, b.1853, d.1902), draftsperson

Albert Robert Valentien (American, b.1862, d.1925), artist

Louis Charles Vogt (American, b.1864, d.1939), watercolorist

John Ellsworth Weis (American, b. 1892, d. 1962)

Theodore Wendel (American, b.1859, d.1932), draftsperson

Margaret Wenstrup (American, b.1930, d.2008), printmaker

Herman H. Wessel (American, b.1878, d.1969), printmaker

Tom Wesselmann (American, b.1931, d.2004), artist


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