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Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Eccentric Wefts

by Conservation


CAMConservation , conservation , textile conservation , behind the scenes , tiraz textiles , weaving , eccentric wefts

It’s getting weavy weird in the textile conservation lab this week!

Christmas Day 147 Years Ago

by Julie Aronson, Curator of American Paintings, Sculpture, and Drawings


Christmas , The Property of L. A. Parrett , Henry Dousa , American Painting

The Property of L. A. Parrett is one of Dousa’s most elaborate paintings. It reveals details of life in the rural Midwest that surely delighted his successful clientele and seem to take us back in time.

2021 at the Cincinnati Art Museum

by Cincinnati Art Museum


Year in Review

Let’s look back on some unique and noteworthy achievements and accomplishments of 2021.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Ancient Middle East Gallery

by Conservation


behind the scenes , Nabataean art , Nabataean Shrine , stone conservation , objects conservation , archaeological conservation , CAMConservation , Nabatea

This week in objects conservation, we’re doing the finishing touches to the 100+ objects being installed in our newly renovated Ancient Middle East Gallery, opening Saturday, December 18.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

by Cincinnati Art Museum


permanent collection , winter

Bundle up and enjoy these wintry scenes from the museum’s permanent collection during your next visit or cuddled up on the couch with a cup of tea.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Still Life in Blue with Lemon by Paul Cézanne

by Conservation


CAMConservation , paintings conservation , Cezanne , Impressionism , impressionist , French immpressionist

Be sure to stop by Gallery 227 to see Still Life in Blue with Lemon after its visit to Conservation.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Sharing Gifts

by Conservation



While reviewing recent acquisitions of works on paper with the curators, our paper conservator decided to share a few of the pieces here, since they won’t be going on exhibit in the near future

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: The end of treatment is near!

by Conservation


CAMConservation , conservation , textile conservation , textiles , Elizabeth Hawes , behind the scenes

We’ve come a long way on the treatment of the Elizabeth Hawes flag dress! If

Cincinnati Art Museum Gift Guide & more!

by Cincinnati Art Museum


Gift Shop , Gift Guide , gifts , art inspired gifts , artistic gifts , unique gifts

Gift with the museum this year and make it a holiday to remember.

Simply Brilliant in Focus

by Cynthia Amnéus, Chief Curator/Curator of Fashion Arts and Textiles


Simply Brilliant , Cynthia Amnéus , Romolo Grassi , Simply Brilliant: Artist-Jewelers of the 1960s and 1970s , Mantide Mimetica , objet d'art

Exploring Romolo Grassi—one of the ‘forgotten’ jewelers in the exhibition.

“Design is not for philosophy, but for life.”

by Cincinnati Art Museum


fashion , Fashion Arts & Textiles , Cynthia Amnéus , Issey Miyake

Cincinnati Art Museum x Idlewild Woman x Issey Miyake

Get to know Kara Walker–“An Unreliable Narrator”

by Cincinnati Art Museum


Kara Walker , about the artist , artist bio , Kara Walker: Cut to the Quick

Kara Walker, born in 1969 in Stockton, California and raised in Atlanta, Georgia from the age of 13, is best known for her groundbreaking large-scale silhouette tableaux.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Striped pigments?

by Conservation


paintings conservation , inpainting , conservation paints , pigments

No, it’s just the morning sun hitting our jars of dry pigments through the blinds, a brief exposure that does no harm.

Celebrating National Native American Heritage Month

by Cincinnati Art Museum


Native American art , National Native American Heritage Month , indigenous art

Enjoy these works by indigenous peoples in the museum’s permanent collection.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Two Squirrels on a Pine Branch

by Conservation


Wu Zhongxiong , Asian painting conservation , Asian painting , paper , paper conservation

Shown here is a painting by Wu Zhongxiong that was selected by the Curator of Asian art to include in our next grant application.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Groovy Pucci

by Conservation


CAMConservation , textile conservation , textiles , Fashion Arts & Textiles , vintage , Pucci

Usually, clothing is tailored to fit the body. But in the museum, we tailor a body to fit the clothing!

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Nabataean Pottery

by Conservation


objects conservation , object conservation , CAMConservation , ceramics conservation , archaeological conservation

Catch this object on view later this year when our Nabatean collections return to the galleries.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Road trip!

by Conservation


CAMConservation , paintings conservation , Robert Frederick Blum , Venetian Lacemakers , loans

Conservators strive to ensure that their conservation treatments will preserve each artwork for numerous decades or, we hope, even longer.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Busy Hands in Paper Conservation

by Conservation


CAMConservation , paper conservation , Robert Frederick Blum

The print is now on its way to the Smithsonian Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C. with three other Cincinnati Art Museum pieces for exhibit in Sargent, Whistler, and Venetian Glass: American Artists and the Magic of Murano.

9 Ghostly Stops to Make While Exploring the Cincinnati Art Museum

by CAM Digital Staff


ghost stories , haunted museum , scavenger hunt , tour guide , halloween

Enjoy this Ghost Tour Guide, if you dare...

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: 19th Century Silver Bowl

by Conservation


behind the scenes , object conservation , objects conservation , CAMConservation , silver conservation

In the objects conservation lab this week: we have a beautiful, though heavily tarnished, 19th C silver bowl in the lab being treated before going on display next year.

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

by Cincinnati Art Museum


National Hispanic Heritage Month

Enjoy these works by or about Hispanic and Latinx artists in the museum’s permanent collection.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Conservation at your fingertips!

by Conservation


Elizabeth Boott Duveneck , Frank Duveneck , CAMConservation , paintings conservation , cleaning paintings

“Blossoms” has just received its new frame, so look for it to pop up on the wall of our American galleries in the near future.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Tribute to Constance McClure

by Conservation


Constance McClure , Art Academy of Cincinnati

Visit the Art Academy to see Never a Day Without Drawing, on view from August 23 to September 9, 2021.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Bath Time

by Conservation


CAMConservation , conservation , textile conservation , textiles , Elizabeth Hawes , behind the scenes

It’s time for a bath in textile conservation.

The Legend of the Laughing Buddha

by By Lynne Pearson, Curatorial Assistant, East Asian Art


Laughing Buddha , Seven Lucky Gods , Hotei , East Asian Art , Walter and Vanida Davison , Hou-Mei Sung , Enduring Beauty: East Asian Lacquer , Tsuchiya Gado , prints

Earlier this year, longtime donors Walter and Vanida Davison gifted the Art Museum this beautiful 20th century Japanese painting depicting the Buddhist deity Hotei from their family art collection. Who is Hotei?

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Grime Be Gone

by Conservation


behind the scenes , objects conservation , CAMConservation

In Objects Conservation: This 19th C carved wooden box is in the lab undergoing conservation before display in an upcoming reinstallation of our South Asian Art Galleries.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Going, going, gone!

by Conservation


conservation , paintings conservation , neapolitan , still lifes , CAMConservation , inpainting , hidden_paintings

The large Neapolitan still-life is back — with a new look.

Walter Farmer: Cincinnati's Own "Monuments Man"

by Trisha Brockmeyer & Geoff Edwards


Paintings , Politics and the Monument’s Men: The Berlin Masterpieces , Monuments Men , Walter Farmer , Mary R. Schiff Library and Archives , Trisha Brockmeyer , Geoff Edwards , archives , Cincinnati history , World War II

Although perhaps best known for his wartime service, a new donation of papers and photographs to the Mary R. Schiff Library & Archives is helping to shed light on Walter Farmer’s life and work beyond the Monuments Men.