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Mid-Autumn Festival

We’re celebrating the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival with the Alliance of Chinese Culture & Arts. Below you will find musical performance from performers around the world and corresponding works of art selected by Hou-mei Sung, curator of East Asian Art. The Mid-Autumn Festival, also called “Moon Festival,” is one of the largest festivals in Mainland China and East Asia. Similar to American Thanksgiving, families and friends get together to celebrate a good harvesting year and enjoy delicious food.


Swan Geese

Performed by Jin Shan (Matouqing Virtuoso) and Ronna Su (Dancer).

The Carnival of Animals
by Camille Saint-Saëns

Performed by The World Chamber Players recorded from their homes in 8 different countries.

Enter the Galaxies
by Paul Lovatt-Cooper

performed by Hua Li, Yue Guan, Yishan Xie, Tongzhou Shen, Qing Fan, Bo Zhao, and Xianquan Mou.

The Moon in the Sky

2018 performance at CAM by Ming Ke (Pipa Virtuoso), Shuai Shao (1st Violin), Peiyan Cai (2nd Violin), Peter Gorak (Viola), Jonathan Lin (Cello).