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See Kara Walker: Cut to the Quick Free, Before it Closes.

In celebration of the final weekend of this exhibition, Kara Walker: Cut to the Quick will be on view for free through January 16.
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Sound Walk

Gorham Silver: Designing Brilliance, 1850–1970



Who are the people of Gorham? What were their lives like? What difference did it all make?



How did Gorham shape our memories? An old Gorham advertisement, an honorary cup, and a trip to a statue they left behind hold clues.


3 | CARE

Take your seat at a table set with silver. There’s going to be a dinner party.


4 | Labor

A peek onto the factory floor. A glimpse of the hands that made all of this silver.



Exploring the land where Gorham’s factory once sat. Past, present and future.


Credit: Alex Hanesworth (Brown BA 2020, Independent Concentrator, Sound Documentary) produced this audio piece.