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Accessibility Resources for Visitors

by Kiara Galloway, Web Content Management Intern


accessibility , Rosenthal Education Center

Providing accessibility resources to help people of all abilities connect with the arts is part of our mission to contribute to a more vibrant Cincinnati. Success in accessibility is an ongoing commitment that always needs evaluating, however, the Cincinnati Art Museum has made significant strides. Whether you’re a family on the go, a group of friends, or someone looking to have a solo date, here are some of the accessibility resources that we have available:

Bloomberg Connects

This free arts and culture app features digital guides from museums and galleries all over the world. Our guide on the app allows visitors to immerse themselves in the museum through audio exhibitions and behind-the-scenes content related to works in our collection and select exhibitions. Find QR codes to download Bloomberg Connects at the front desk and on our website.

Alt Text

Alongside our audio exhibitions, most resources on Bloomberg Connects and the museum website have alt-text embedded into images. This is a wonderful resource if you are looking for screen reader-compatible image descriptions for works within the museum.

Braille Resources

A Braille booklet is available for our Ancient Islamic Art galleries (G147–149). This booklet, available at the front desk, includes gallery labels and in-depth looks at the artifacts in the space.


Sometimes public spaces such as museums can get a little loud and overstimulating for a variety of guests. Non-electronic noise-muffling headphones are available at the front desk.


If your family consists of busy-handed individuals who enjoy having small forms of stimulation to keep centered, fidget toys are available at the front desk and in the Rosenthal Education Center (REC). These small, bendable toys provide an outlet for busy hands that may be tempted to touch art, or may simply stimulate your brain as you enjoy your visit.

See Play Learn Kits

This immersive activity tote provides a tactile, active learning experience that encourages families to have meaningful dialogue as they take their time unpacking the art. These totes are available at the front desk and at the REC.

Large Print Labels

Available online and in-person, these are optimized for screen readers if viewed on a phone or tablet. These booklets are filled with the same gallery text you see on the wall, but in much larger, bolder font for optimized accessibility. Stop by the front desk to get more information.

We hope these resources will help enrich and support visitors and reduce barriers as they explore and expand themselves and their community through art. Learn more on our accessibility webpage!

Bloomberg Connects on a phone