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Accessible Expressions Ohio: Welcoming Everyone to the Museum

by Sara Birkofer, Assistant Director of Gallery and Accessibility Programs


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The Cincinnati Art Museum strives for inclusivity by increasing accessibility to its collection, programming, and resources. The museum seeks to eliminate barriers by accommodating the individual needs of all visitors.

Led by this accessibility mission statement, our museum welcomes the 2024 Accessible Expressions Ohio exhibition to Cincinnati where it will be on display through May 12.

A team of museum staff worked with partners within the disability community to develop this show (along with other accessibility initiatives) featuring more than 50 artworks by Ohio-based artists living with disabilities. We are so lucky to have an involved Accessibility Community Advisory Council and a passionate interdepartmental staff accessibility committee. Between these two groups, we have the feedback and follow through to make positive change happen. Our new accessibility resource cart outside of the Accessible Expressions Ohio galleries showcases some of the resources and initiatives these groups have spearheaded. 

Accessible Expressions Ohio put the efforts of our teams’ policies into practice. From design, to resources, to execution, we as an institution learned a lot about what it takes to create an inclusive exhibition. We know there is more to learn, and we want to know how to make this space better for all communities. We hope Accessible Expressions Ohio will help the disability community in Cincinnati feel seen and heard by this museum. 

During the exhibition’s opening ceremony on March 30, Art Possible Ohio, the exhibition’s organizer, presented the museum with the Art Partner in Accessibility Award. We are so proud to do this work and continue the journey toward greater accessibility.