Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Eyes Front and Center

by Conservation


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Here’s a detail of a portrait by Jean Baptiste-Camille Corot that our paintings conservator has been cleaning recently.  As you can see, she’s being closely watched by this member of the military.  In this image, the varnish has been removed from the right side of the face and not yet on the left.  Old, raised cracks in the cleaned portion are still outlined by the distracting remnants of dark discolored retouching.  This will also be reduced or removed during conservation, helping to minimize the visibility of the raised cracks.  Our conservator is working on the portrait while its period frame is away being conserved.  We’re giving you just a glimpse now, but we’ll post again when frame and painting are reunited and installed in our galleries probably in the coming year.


Image Credit: Jean Baptiste-Camille Corot, Captain Faulte du Puyparlier, 1829, oil on canvas, 25 9/16 x 21 3/16 in. (64.9 x 53.8 cm), Gift of Emilie L. Heine in memory of Mr. and Mrs. John Hauck, 1956.227.