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Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Grandma Dollyver

by Conservation


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Grandmother Dollyver in conservation


Grandma Dollyver was hiding a textile conservation challenge under her black silk skirt.  On the left is her pre-treatment portrait.  On the right, the doll’s skirt has been pulled up to show the silk petticoat underneath, which is in very poor condition.  Even though you can’t normally see her petticoat, Grandma needs an appointment with Textile Conservation before she can safely go on display.  The seat of her petticoat is worn clean away, showing her cotton chemise underneath.  Taking good care of objects means caring for even the parts you can’t see, such as Grandma’s petticoats, shoes, and more.  Grandma Dollyver is part of the Dollyver family, a set of 24 dolls (and their accessories and furniture) that have been in the museum’s collection for almost 100 years.  Most of the family has never been on display, but that may change soon after the whole family undergoes conservation this fall.


Image Credit: Doll Grandmother Dollyver, 1890-1920, rag, Gift of Laura H. Turpin, 1920.301