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Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Train X-ray

by Conservation


conservation , X-ray , behind the scenes

A few weeks ago when we had our GE digital x-ray demo running in the Conservation department, our objects conservator brought in the spectacular Railway Engine Coffeemaker for imaging.  It’s a unique chance to see the inner workings of the complicated apparatus.  The x-ray image revealed a number of internal parts that weren’t obvious.  And while we would never fire the engine up to make coffee, the image also reveals that in any case it would likely be unsuccessful: At the very top of the x-ray, where the image cuts off, a dense white blockage is visible inside the thin curved tube.  It looks like these calcified deposits would block any future coffee-brewing.  Luckily you can still get a cup of coffee in our lobby coffee bar.  Then move next door to the Schmidlapp Gallery to admire the Railway Engine Coffeemaker!

silver train engine coffee maker and x-ray