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Traffic Update

Visitors: Please take the Wyler Family Entrance off Eden Park Drive on October 4. It will be two-way with workers managing traffic flow. Our Art Museum Drive entrance/exit is undergoing a paving project.


Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Photography and Examination in the Great Hall

by Conservation


behind the scenes , conservation , indian summer carpet

It might look like the Great Hall is getting a strange redecorating with this Indian summer carpet fragment laid out, but this object is only there temporarily for an examination and photography while the museum is closed to visitors.  In fact, the Great Hall is actually a very busy place when the museum is closed on Mondays. We move, install and deinstall artwork, clean public spaces and artwork, and prepare spaces for all sorts of upcoming changes—to name just a few of our “hidden” tasks. 

This week, we needed the wide open spaces of the Great Hall to lay out this object which is more than 15 feet by 22 feet!  The “carpet” is actually printed cotton.  Curator Cynthia Amneus (seen near the bottom edge) wanted to have a look at it to consider it for an upcoming exhibition of Indian textiles.  During examinations like this, we also discuss ways to display it and its physical condition, and we take accurate measurements and high-resolution photographs.