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Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Conserving Pinocchio

by Conservation


Jim Dine , Pinocchio , behind the scenes , conservation

This week in Objects Conservation we are outside with Pinocchio! This sculpture requires regular maintenance to keep its painted surface protected from the harsh outdoor environment. We start with a full cleaning using water and a conservation grade detergent. This removes any buildup of dirt or organic material that may have accumulated since the last cleaning.

Next we dry the surface to ensure we don’t leave any water spots. Once cleaning and drying are done, we move on to coating the entire surface with a paste wax. The wax acts as a sacrificial coating, protecting the surface of the artwork, while slowly being worn down by the elements. The paste wax is applied with large brushes and is allowed to set before the final step of buffing. Buffing creates an even shiny finish that will resist water and protect the surface from all of our weather extremes. The next time you come by the museum be sure to stop by and see Pinocchio looking a little bit brighter and much shinier!