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CAM Dancers? Not Just Degas Ballerinas

by Cole Rodgers, Marketing Project Manager


Dance, Egyptian Art, Japanese Art, African Art, American Art

See some unexpected ways that dance is woven into the CAM collection.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Reconstructing a Japanese Teapot Spout

by Kelly Rectenwald, Conservator of Objects


Miss Mariko Okinawa, objects conservation, CAMConservation, teapot, Japanese Art, tea set

In our last post about the Miss Mariko Okinawa doll’s tea set, we discussed re-joining all of the tiny ceramic fragments.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Reconstructing a Japanese Doll’s Tea Set

by Kelly Rectenwald, Objects Conservator


CAMConservation, objects conservation, tea set, Japan, Japanese Art, Miss Mariko Okinawa

These tiny ceramic fragments are part of a Japanese doll’s tea set. I am working on putting these pieces back together so that they can be displayed with their doll in the future.

Cincinnati Art Museum docent wins international award

by Helen Rindsberg


Japan, docents, Masterpieces of Japanese Art, Kimono: Refashioning Contemporary Style, Dressed to Kill, Japanese Art

Longtime Cincinnati Art Museum docent and supporter of the arts Helen Rindsberg wins international award.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Japanese Haori

by Conservation


behind the scenes, conservation, asian art, haori, textile conservation, garment, Japanese Art

This Japanese garment, or haori, recently went on display in the Asian Gallery.

“Hokusai Updated” at the Mori Art Center, Tokyo, Japan

by Dr. Hou-mei Sung, Curator of Asian Art


behind the scenes, Hokusai Updated, Japanese Art, woodcut, paintings

The exhibition will feature a set of ten rare woodblock prints by Hokusai illustrating Kanadehon Chūshingura and two paintings from the Cincinnati Art Museum’s collection.

Q+A: Masterpieces of Japanese Art

by Dr. Hou Mei Sung


curatorial, Masterpieces of Japanese Art, Asian Art, Hou-Mei Sung, exhibitions

Posted By: Dr. Hou Mei Sung