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A Place to Call Home (Africa-America)

A Response from Amy Latessa

Video Transcript

Amy Latessa is from Cincinnati, OH. She has a PhD in visual culture theory from the University of Cincinnati, where she currently works as a research associate. She studied under Dr. Deborah Willis (Hank's mom) at NYU and is honored to serve on the CAM HWT Community Committee.

Label text, Cincinnati Art Museum

Speaking of a “mythical connection to Africa” embedded in African American identity, Thomas points out that “many people go to Africa looking for home and don’t find it because our roots are so diluted here. They also never felt at home in the US, where they were born. I wanted to make a place where African Americans come from.”

All representations—even maps—are shaped by the perspectives of those who make and view them. Thomas alludes to nuanced affinities, histories and politics by relocating a continent. Who are you, and how does your identity affect your opinion about this artwork?

Note: Label texts originated at the Portland Art Museum and were modified by venue project teams at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and Cincinnati Art Museum.