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The Workshop

The Workshop is an online platform where members of the public offer their own responses to artworks and other content included in the exhibition Hank Willis Thomas: All Things Being Equal... Many of the voices in the Workshop belong to Greater Cincinnatians who are Black, Indigenous, or people of color. Responses will accumulate throughout the run of the exhibition, and will remain online after the exhibition closes.

The explanatory texts that appear on the walls of the museum are customarily written by curators, who balance factors including the artist’s point of view, institutional expectations, their own training and perspective, and the need to communicate with members of the public. Most but not all of the curators who wrote the explanatory texts in Hank Willis Thomas: All Things Being Equal... were trained in practices of social critique similar to those used by the artist, and are White. The purpose of the Workshop is to create space for more voices, views and ways of speaking about art to be heard.

Visitors to the exhibition galleries can access Workshop content by aiming a smartphone camera at QR codes provided with relevant artworks and exhibition elements. The Workshop is also available at sanitized iPad kiosks in the exhibition galleries, or remotely by visiting this website on any web-connected device.

If you would like to amplify the Workshop, please share it on your social media channels. If you would like to contribute your views to the Workshop or make a donation so that additional voices can be included, please contact [email protected]. All individuals who contribute responses to the Workshop are offered an honorarium.

Click an image to access responses to the pictured exhibition element.




The Workshop is made possible in part by:

LPK  Kroger African American ARG

Eric and Jan-Michele Kearney

Lennell and Pamela Rhodes Myricks


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