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Pitch Blackness / Off Whiteness

A Response from Carroll Wallace

Video Transcript

Carroll Wallace is a firm believer in interdisciplinary education and the arts as a progressive and instrumental tool in society. Her work and on-going curiosity include:

Expression. Language. Informal Education. Movement Arts. Innovation. History. Politics. Ethics. Acting. Think-Tanks. History. Writing. Music. Laughing. Performance Art. Research. Film. Development. Creativity. Studying. Sports. Viola. Knowledge Exchange. Arts & Sciences. Circus Arts.The Brain & Learning. Food. Innovation and Culture.

If you want to collaborate/create, get to know and make memories with her - don't hesitate to send an email at [email protected]

Label text, Cincinnati Art Museum

This neon sign flashed changing combinations of individual words. Depending on which parts of the neon sign are activated, the meanings of phrases drift. Are they characterizations of color? Descriptions of human complexions and the values placed on them in culture? A complex play on words?

Note: Label texts originated at the Portland Art Museum and were modified by venue project teams at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and Cincinnati Art Museum.