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Outdoor Sculptures at CAM: Atman by Mark di Suvero

by Franck Mercurio, Publications Editor


outdoor sculpture, Atman, Mark di Suvero

It’s hard to miss the monumental 3-D capital “A” welcoming visitors to CAM’s campus from Art Museum Drive. Painted a bright red—like the museum’s brand color—some suggest the giant steel beam structure stands for “Art.” But the artist’s intent was not so driven by marketing concerns!

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Pinocchio Takes a Bath

by Conservation


CAMConservation, outdoor art, outdoor sculpture, Pinocchio, Jim Dine

Earlier this month our Pinocchio sculpture received a maintenance treatment from conservators who specialize in outdoor sculpture conservation from McKay Lodge Art Conservation.

The Cincinnati Art Museum Inside Out

by Cincinnati Art Museum


Art Climb, permanent collection, sculpture, outdoor art, outdoor sculpture

Experience the power of art—inside and out