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Reframing the World’s Fairs

by Mackenzie Strong, Curatorial Assistant for Decorative Arts & Design


World's Fair, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893, propaganda, nationalism, Ida B. Wells, Frederick Douglass, Ferdinand Lee Barnett, Curatorial Blog

If we look at just one example—the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition held in Chicago—we can see how these celebrations of artistic and scientific achievements also communicated complex messages about identity and race.

Illuminating the Exhibition Process

by Amy Dehan, Curator of Decorative Arts and Design


exhibitions, Curatorial Blog, exhibition design, exhibition development, Clearly Indigenous: Native Visions Reimagined in Glass, Dr. Letitia Chambers, Joe Feddersen

As a curator, I’m often asked how long it takes to bring an exhibition together. The answer is . . . it varies.

Accra and London, via Detroit

by Nathaniel M. Stein, PhD, Curator of Photography


Accra, London, James Barnor, Curatorial Blog, photography, Detroit Institute of Arts

In early October, I was delighted to participate in a scholars’ day at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). For those outside the museum biz, a scholars’ day is a convening of curators, academics, and sometimes expert collectors, artists, and gallerists, who gather to share a deep dive on an artist or movement featured in a special exhibition.

A Killer Look: Miniature Votive Shield with Head of Alexander the Great as Gorgoneion

by Rose Milnes, Curatorial Assistant for South Asian Art, Islamic Art, and Antiquities


Alexander the Great, gorgon, gorgoneion, Greek art, Ancient Mediterranean, Staff, CAM favorites, Curatorial Blog

As the new Curatorial Assistant for South Asian Art, Islamic Art, and Antiquities, finding “my favorite piece here at the museum is a serious task! The possibilities for finding “the one” are endless.

New Acquisition: A Vibrant Quilt by Woomin Kim

by Cynthia Amneus, Chief Curator | Curator of Fashion Arts and Textiles


Woomin Kim, quilt, Shijang Project, Korean Market, Fashion Arts & Textiles, Curatorial Blog

We recently acquired a work by Woomin Kim, a young Korean-born artist who lives and works in Queens, New York.

Photographs from the Collection: Looking At Animals

by Nathaniel M. Stein, Curator of Photography


photography, collect, animals, Curatorial Blog

From April 11–August 10, 2023, the hallway gallery at the top of the museum’s Great Hall staircase will be full of critters.

The Dress of Tomorrow

by Cynthia Amnéus, Chief Curator and Curator of Fashion Arts and Textiles


Cynthia Amnéus, The Saturday Evening Post, Triennale di Milano, Milan Trienniale, Evelyn Jablow, Fold-Up Dress for a Portable Society, 1964, Fashion, Magazine, Curatorial Blog

“The woman of tomorrow will wear pleats and tights, and live in a house spun from glass fiber, with patent-leather walls and no furniture at all.”

The Voices, Talents and Mission behind Terence Hammonds’ Protest Platters

by Amy Dehan, Curator of Decorative Arts and Design


Curatorial Blog, terence hammonds, protest platters

This summer, the Art Museum acquired this Protest Platter designed by local artist Terence Hammonds.

Extra Brilliant: Gorham Silver Deposit on Rookwood Pottery

by Lea C. Lane, Curatorial Assistant for Decorative Arts and Design


behind the scenes, Gorham Silver: Designing Brilliance 1850–1970, Rookwood Pottery Company, Curatorial Blog, Decorative Arts

Keen-eyed visitors to our current exhibition, Gorham: Designing Brilliance, will notice a familiar Cincinnati name on two of the objects: Rookwood Pottery.

Research for upcoming exhibition 'Galloping through Dynasties'

by Hou-mei Sung, Ph.D. 宋后楣


behind the scenes, Galloping through Dynasties, Curatorial Blog, research, Center for Chinese Studies

In late 2019, I received a research grant from the Center for Chinese Studies in Taipei to conduct research on the catalogue of our upcoming exhibition Galloping through Dynasties.

Behind the scenes in Curatorial: Making a Book with Candor

by Nathaniel M. Stein, Associate Curator of Photography


Curatorial Blog, Candor Arts, The Levee: A Photographer in the American South, Exhibition Catalogue

Take a behind the scenes look at Candor Arts with Nathaniel M. Stein, Associate Curator of Photography.

Out from storage: French portraits

by Peter Jonathan Bell, Associate Curator of European Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings


French Portraits, European Paintings, Curatorial Blog

About a month ago the Cincinnati Art Museum welcomed two new faces into our nineteenth-century European galleries – a girl with a song book in her lap and young man in uniform.

How Many is Too Many?

by Nathaniel Stein


curatorial, multiple mediums, photography, Contemporary Art, galleries, Curatorial Blog

Posted by: Nathaniel Stein