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Black & Brown Faces

October 24, 2020–January 3, 2021
The Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Gallery (Gallery 303)

Free | Press Release | Friends of Contemporary Art | Friends of African American Art

Organized by Paloozanoire and presented in partnership with the Cincinnati Art Museum, Black & Brown Faces is a guest exhibition featuring one artwork by each of ten artists of color who have ties to Cincinnati. The paintings, mixed media works, drawings and photographs on view explore struggle and uplift by focusing on the facial expressions of people of color during the extremes of 2020. Black & Brown Faces responds to the need for creative expression and dialogue to promote openness, health and wellness in communities of color and in our society. Exhibiting artists, selected by Paloozanoire, include Khonisa X Anderson, Mark Anthony Brown Jr., Adonte Clark, Michael Coppage, Daryl Myntia Daniels, Terence Hammonds, Gee Horton, Hannah Jones "Jonesy", Annie Ruth and Kevin J. Watkins.

Over the course of the exhibition, each exhibiting artist will engage in a short, recorded conversation considering relationships between their own work and an artwork on view in the museum’s permanent galleries. The aim of these dialogues—available online as well as in the galleries—is to explore new perspectives on both artworks as well as ways in which the museum’s collection can be a resource for contemporary life.

Click a link below to hear a Black & Brown Faces artist explore relationships between their own work and an artwork in the museum’s permanent collection. Dialogues are moderated by Associate Director of Interpretation and host of the Art Palace podcast, Russell Ihrig.


Daryl Myntia Daniels | Listen

House of My Dreams

Michael Coppage | Listen

The Door

Annie Ruth | Listen

Capture the Awakening

Adonte Clark | Listen

Check All That Apply

Jonesy (Hannah Jones) | Listen

2020 Vision... A Moment In Time

Khonisa X Anderson | Listen

If I Ruled The World... Imagine That!

Gee Horton | Listen

Arrest the cops that killed (insert name)

Kevin J. Watkins | Listen

The beat, it will always save us!

Terence Hammonds | Listen

Great Reverence

Mark Anthony Brown, Jr. | Listen

Hear from the artists and learn about their inspiration and involvement with Black & Brown Faces.

Click here to watch

Opening Weekend Livestream Recordings


Friday, October 23, 2020 | WATCH

6:45pm | Rico Grant & Ray Ball, Paloozanoire
7:15pm | Greater Cincinnati Foundation  
7:45pm | ArtsWave
8:15pm | Gee Horton, exhibiting artist   

Saturday, October 24, 2020 | WATCH 

1:30pm | Daryl Myntia Daniels, exhibiting artist
2:00pm | Terence Hammonds, exhibiting artist
2:30pm | Adonte Clark, exhibiting artist
3:00pm | Mark Anthony Brown, Jr., exhibiting artist
3:30pm | Jonesy (Hannah Jones), My Black is Beautiful exhibiting artist

Sunday, October 25, 2020 | WATCH

1:00pm | Annie Ruth, exhibiting artist
1:30pm | Michael Coppage, exhibiting artist
2:30pm | Khonisa X Anderson, exhibiting artist
3:00pm | Kevin J. Watkins, exhibiting artist

Paloozanoire was founded in 2019 to focus on the support and growth of people of color throughout the Midwest in the areas of corporate leadership, entrepreneurship, and creativity.


Black & Brown Faces is made possible with support from:

Greater Cincinnati FDN        arts wave        my black is beautiful

St. Elizabeth HealthcareSaint Elizabeth      be somebody       AGAR