Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Ready for his close-up?

by Conservation


Duveneck , photography , paintings conservation , behind the scenes

Sometimes a painting can make its feelings known.

Native Americans and Winold Reiss

by Geoff Edwards, Archivist/Records Manager


Mary R. Schiff Library and Archives , behind the scenes

When the Cincinnati Art Museum was founded in 1881, it collected much more than just art. In fact, it aimed to gather, preserve, and exhibit “valuable and interesting objects of every kind and nature."

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Make it better, but keep it the same

by Conservation


Helmut Federle , behind the scenes , paper conservation

Sometimes an artist presents us with something that looks good from the front, but when we turn it over we notice that there are problems that can’t be seen when the art is hanging on a wall.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Japanese Haori

by Conservation


behind the scenes , conservation , asian art , haori , textile conservation , garment , Japanese Art

This Japanese garment, or haori, recently went on display in the Asian Gallery.

Piecing Together an Umbrella Stand by M. Louise McLaughlin– Part I

by Lea C. Lane, Curatorial Assistant, Decorative Arts & Design


behind the scenes , decorative art and design , curatorial blog , umbrella stand

A recently discovered notebook with a third of its contents missing and a ceramic umbrella stand held together with wire—these aren’t exactly the objects that immediately elicit a response of “that belongs in a museum!”

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Sasanian Panels

by Conservation


behind the scenes , conservation , sasanian panels , objects conservation

These two 5-6th C stucco panels are in the lab for treatment.

Staff Picks: Gillean Dublow's CAM Favorites

by Gillean Dublow, Rachel Ellison


staff highlights , behind the scenes , CAM favorites

Here are some of Gillean's favorite pieces in our permanent collection!

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: All that glitters!

by Conservation


Mantegna , monochrome , distemper , Italian Renaissance , behind the scenes , conservation

Our Italian masterpiece A Sibyl and a Prophet by Andrea Mantegna, dated to around 1495, has been in the paintings conservation lab for treatment.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: A Royal Portrait

by Conservation


behind the scenes , Portrait Miniatures , conservation , Alyn Williams , paintings

Later this month a group of portrait miniatures will go on view highlighting women artists and subjects.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: 1920s Gown

by Conservation


behind the scenes , textiles , conservation , gown , Kimono: Refashioning Contemporary Style

Can you find the conservation that has been carried out for this silk chiffon gown from the 1920s?

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Korean Lacquered Chest

by Conservation


behind the scenes , conservation , korean lacquered chest , 19th century , objects conservation

This week in Objects Conservation: a 19th C Korean lacquered chest.

Staff Picks: Melissa Copeland's CAM Favorites

by Melissa Copeland, Rachel Ellison


Staff Highlights , behind the scenes , Personal Favorites

Here are some of Melissa's favorite pieces in our permanent collection!

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: An Intern’s Experience

by Caroline Shaver


behind the scenes , Frank Duveneck , conservation , American Painting

Conservation preparation for the upcoming Duveneck exhibition (opening Fall 2020).

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Indian Painting

by Conservation


behind the scenes , conservation , paper conservation , indian painting , carl bimel collection

This month a new group of paintings is on display in the Indian gallery.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: 1920's desk lamps designed by Joseph Urban

by Conservation


Joseph Urban , 1920s desk lamps , behind the scenes , conservation

This week the objects conservator is working on an unusual project requiring the skills of an electrician.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: A disappearing act!

by Conservation


panting conservation , infrared , infrared imaging , duveneck , underdrawing , underpainting , infrared photography , behind the scenes

This large unfinished work by Frank Duveneck is in the paintings conservation lab to be examined.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: A Japanese Fashion Plate

by Conservation


keisai eisen , kimono , bijin-ga , paper conservation , conservation , behind the scenes , stations of the tokai road

A group of Japanese prints depicting women wearing elaborate garments was recently in the paper lab.

Behind the Scenes in Curatorial: Movie Stars in the Collection

by Amy Dehan, Curator of Decorative Arts & Design


behind the scenes , curatorial blog , art deco , decorative art and design

Recently, while working on a forthcoming project with ties to art deco and film, I was sifting through film stills from the late 1920s and early 30s.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: The pieces come together!

by Conservation


objects conservation , art conservation , museum conservation , japanese art , japanese tobacco box , behind the scenes , conservation

It is hard to imagine this arrangement of wooden fragments as a three-dimensional object, that’s why it has been in the conservation lab receiving some much needed attention.

Staff Picks: Carola Bell's CAM Favorites

by Carola Bell


Staff Highlights , Google Cultural Institute , CAM favorites , behind the scenes

Here are some of Carola's favorite pieces in our permanent collection!

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Helping the Archives

by Conservation


behind the scenes , conservation , James W. and Mary Louise McLaughlin , Mary R. Schiff Library and Archives , paper conservation , archival conservation

Between doing conservation treatments for upcoming exhibitions, our paper conservator and her intern are working on a group of documents from the Mary R. Schiff Library and Archives.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Doll research pays off!

by Conservation


behind the scenes , conservation , Dollyver , textile conservation

What does the 1850 census have to do with textile conservation? And this rag doll?

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Modern Glass Japanese Sculpture

by Conservation


Etsuko Nishi , Conservation , behind the scenes , glass sculpture , modern art

Objects Conservation is working on this modern glass sculpture by Japanese artist Etsuko Nishi.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: A black light revelation!

by Conservation


behind the scenes , conservation , Walter Schofield , black light , paintings conservation

In the course of examining this early 20th century painting by American Impressionist Walter Schofield, our paintings conservator noticed a curious thing.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Kenyon Cox at the Art Academy

by Conservation


behind the scenes , conservation , Kenyon Cox , paper conservation

Kenyon Cox was both a student and a teacher at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. His drawing Satyr and Two Children from 1876 passed through the Paper Lab on its way to the exhibition.

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Café service!

by Conservation


behind the scenes , conservation , Terrace Cafe , Dollyver

The museum’s Terrace Café will make you a beautiful meal, but this week, they also lent a hand to conservation!

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: On the road!

by Conservation


behind the scenes , conservation , Metropolitan Museum of Art , Nabataean Shrine

Earlier this month our objects conservator and one of our mount makers traveled to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC to install our Nabataean Shrine for the first time in 15 years!

Behind the Scenes in Conservation: Ships Ahoy!

by Conservation


behind the scenes , conservation , paintings , Frank Duveneck , Ralston Crawford , Walter Elmer Schofield

By complete coincidence, three very large ships were recently at anchor in the paintings conservation studio.

“Hokusai Updated” at the Mori Art Center, Tokyo, Japan

by Dr. Hou-mei Sung, Curator of Asian Art


behind the scenes , Hokusai Updated , Japanese Art , woodcut , paintings

The exhibition will feature a set of ten rare woodblock prints by Hokusai illustrating Kanadehon Chūshingura and two paintings from the Cincinnati Art Museum’s collection.